2004, with brother (middle) and sister (right). When bleach blond hair was the coolest. 

2004, with brother (middle) and sister (right). When bleach blond hair was the coolest. 


A long Time Ago, in a suburb far, far away…

Long before a drip of bleach ever graced the tips of my once full head of hair, my mother was considerate enough to give birth to me. My writing career began at the age of 6, when I handcrafted my very first family newspaper. For as long as I can remember I've been obsessed with all things writing-related. Whether I was curating my extensive pen collection or ogling my pile of unfilled notebooks waiting for my attention, writing and editorializing have always been a part of my life. 

My professional editorial career began in January 2005, shortly after graduating high school. I was hired as the film critic for TOUR Magazine, a Brooklyn, NY-based publication geared towards an urban audience. As film critic, I wrote weekly reviews of the newest movie releases and collaborated with the publisher on ways to improve the site's content. Much like a fish that let their belly get the best of them, I was hooked.

After moonlighting as a film nerd for a year, I was hired as the second staff writer for Gearfuse.com, a site dedicated to all things geeky. Within a year I was promoted to Senior Managing Editor, in charge of directing the editorial direction of the site. In the years that followed, Gearfuse became one of the most influential blogs on the internet, ranking among the top 500 sites on Technorati based on the blog's authority score.

During my tenure at Gearfuse, I also served as contributing editor to many of the web's most popular blogs, including Neatorama, Coolest-Gadgets.com, AOL's Asylum.com (which is not part of The Huffington Post), Mahalo.com (now Inside.com), Ubergizmo, Uberphones, Born Rich, Uber Review and many more.

Since 2008, I have successfully completed dozens of freelance projects in a wide-range of industries. My fourteen years of experience in the editorial, managerial and marketing field allow me to provide assistance to clients in need of a creative expert. 

In my free time I enjoy spending time with my son, watching campy cinema, keeping up with current events and complaining about politics on Twitter.